Sunday, January 23, 2011

De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam: new LUXURY FLOOR!

de Bijenkorf, Amsterdam
 De Bijenkorf is a department store in the Netherlands. It was recently purchased by the owner of Selfridges (Britain), Brown Thomas (Ireland), and Holt Renfrew (Canada).  The picture above is the flagship store in Amsterdam.

This is their website: de Bijenkorf website

De Bijenkorf, in English, is 'The Bee Hive". The Amsterdam store has just opened a 'luxury floor' on its ground level. Boutiques include Hermes (720 square feet), Louis Vuitton (1600 sq ft), Mulberry, Ferragamo, Gucci, Fendi, and Burberry. VERY AWESOME! Many of these shops are also carried on Amsterdam's luxury shopping street, Hoofstadt.

Amsterdam Store, finishing renovations. Notice the new Vuitton shop inside

Luxury Floor at de Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

Other accessory collections include Longchamp, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bally, and Furla. 

The store also carries upscale women's and men's clothing labels, including Armani Collezioni, Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Barbara Bui, MaxMara, Canali and Zegna.

Bijenkorf, Hague

Its store interiors play on the 'honey' and 'beehive' theme. New store details include warm honey-coloured trim, and hexagonal honeycomb motifs. I'd say they've taken the 'beehive' theme and worked it excellently to create a 'sense of place' in their stores. A+. 

Their advertising is interesting. Here's a commercial, above.

The store has a popular three-day sale. It gets very busy. The store makes some humorous ads surrounding the idea, including this one:

The Amsterdam store will be expanding its square footage (currently at about 220,000 square feet). Under its new ownership, expect more excellent labels and store expansions at de Bijenkorf throughout the Netherlands!


HerrMozart said...

Ooh, I like! I shared this with a friend who has just moved to the Netherlands. :)

Anonymous said...

Great blog, thnx for sharing your retailnews!
In Amsterdam you'll find the brands in de Bijenkorf, The Nine streets and PC Hoofdstraat,diff spelling:), come for a visit, you'll love the city!

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